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Laser Hair Removal

Most people have unwanted hair . Regularly removing it at home can be messy , time consuming and burdensome . That’s why long-term hair removal treatments have become the go to solution for patients who are tired of relying on shaving , waxing , plucking and using depilatory creams . In fact , long lasting hair removal treatments continue to rank as one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure . The Venus epileve hair removal machine uses edge cutting edge technology to provide patients with a fast and comfortable experience that provides a long – lasting solution to their hair removal needs . Because of the real time cooling systems built into the device there is no downtime after the laser treatments . A course of 6 treatments is advised for any treatment area  but for optimum results top ups will be required based on results of each individual client .

How it works :

Hair grows in a cycle of three stages : anagen (growth) , catagen (transitional) , and telogen (resting) . Venus epileve uses laser technology to target the hair follicle in the anagen phase , which is when the hair responds best to the treatment . About 30% of hair is in this phase at any given time , which is why you need multiple treatments to see results . Venus epileve works by delivering energy to the hair follicle , where its absorbed by the hair pigment . This destroys the follicle so that the hair cannot grow anymore , resulting in permanent hair reduction . Multiple sessions are needed for permanent hair reduction , because hair grows in different stages , it must be in the anagen stage for laser hair removal to work .

Contraindications :

  • any active infections or skin conditions such as psoriasis , eczema and rash in the treatment site
  • history of skin disorders , keloids , abnormal wound healing as well as very dry and fragile skin , keloids
  • hypersensitivity to hydroquinone or other bleaching agents if applicable
  • Botox/collagen/fat injections or other methods of augmentation with injected bio-material in the treated area within one month prior to treatment
  • treatment over tattoo or permanent make up
  • current history of skin cancer , or current condition of any of any other cancer , or pre -malignant moles in the treatment area
  • use of medications that may stimulate hair growth , such as minoxidil , hypersensitivity to hydoquinone or other bleaching agents , if applicable .
  • Facial laser resurfacing and deep chemical peeling 3 months , if the face is treated
  • any surgical procedure in the treatment area within the last 3 months or before complete healing
  • excessively tanned skin from sun , tanning beds or tanning creams within the last two weeks


PreCare treatment for laser :

  • need to be shaved the morning of your appointment or the night before
  • two weeks post tanning and sun beds and excessively tanned skin from the sun
  • no hair removal creams or waxing
  • you need to stop using active ingredients like vitamin a and retinol 4-5 days before treatment

Post Venus epileve home regime:

  • Refrain from exposure to hot baths , saunas , Jacuzzi and pools for the first two days following treatment
  • use a moisturizer on treated area post – procedure
  • always use sunblock on the treated area even on cloudy days
  • blisters or ulcerated skin can be treated with a prescribed antibiotic ointment
  • keep scabs soft with lubrication cream and avoid picking or scrubbing them off
  • allow for natural exfoliation / peeling of the skin to occur
  • maximize your results by regular visits every 4 -8 weeks depending on the treatment area
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