Advanced Skin Care


How does it work?

Our skin has the ability to absorb light energy and use it to stimulate or regulate essential cell processes . LED phototheraphy is the application of benefical wavelengths from the visable and infared part of the light spectrum which have proven skin enhancing benefits . Skin cells that are energised function better and can renew up to 200% faster accelerating accelerating regeneration and repair.


What are the benefits ?

Dermalux usues unique combinations of clinically proven blue , rd and near infrared wavelengths to boost collagen production , increases hydration , calm redness and irritation and blitz blemish causing bacteria. As the light triggers a whole casade of skin enhancing processes , the benefits continue even after the treatment has finished.

What does the treatment involve?

Dermalux is a relaxing , pain free experience with proven mood enhancing effects. Enjoy some luxury me time as your skin absorbs the energizing light to kick start cell regeneration , calm irritation or restore radiance. Each treatment lasts up to 20 minutes and with no downtime , you can simply  get up and glow!

Choose your dermalux treatment 

Activate –  An intensive course of 10-12 treatments taken in a close succession is recommended for optimum cell activation . Supercharge your skin for visible and lasting improvement . Once completed follow with maintenance  treatments .

Boost – Individual treatments energize the skin to instantly revitalize a dull complexion , restore luminosity or calm irritation . A perfect boost before a special event or as part of an on-going maintenance programme .

Combine – Upgrade your favourite facial treatments with dermalux for superior and longer lasting results or calm sensitivity . Your dermalux practitioner will will advise you on the best combination for your skin .

The power of the light 

Blue – blemish fighting blue light destroys the bacteria causing acne and improves skin clarity without irritation .

Red – rejuvenating red light energizes cells to accelerate renewal , boost collagen and elastin production and increase hydration for smoother firmer skin .

Near infrared – Regenerating near infrared light offers advanced rejuvenation benefits , promotes healthy skin , calms redness and irritation and helps to reduce pigmentation .

Tri-wave therapy – for enhanced and accelerated results , dermalux therapy uniquely delivers multi-wavelength treatments which are tailored to your skin condition .