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Beyond sunscreen

When it comes to sun care, there’s more to skin protection than simply SPF and sunscreen. Whether you are a  a sun-seeker or shade-dweller,
incorporating a range of proven ingredients into a skin health routine can provide powerful sun protection and skin health benefits in the long and short term.
Weaving year-round sun protection into a regime helps minimise UV induced ageing, and is vital in reducing the risk of skin cancer. While a broad-spectrum sunscreen is one important aspect of a sun protection regime, substantial evidence demonstrates that other ingredients both topical and oral – provide significant benefits and should be part of any sun protection plan. Some ingredients work directly to
prevent damage from UV rays, and others are effective in targeting and repairing existing damage.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A has a myriad of potent benefits when it comes to sun protection. Firstly, vitamin A’s functions regulating, maintaining and repairing the skin are vital in offsetting UV damage. Vitamin A in cells supports healthy ageing, So just by its regular activity it reduces the
symptoms of ageing in the skin.

Omega fatty acids

With well-established benefits for skin health and hydration, emerging research shows omega fatty acids also provide significant protection from UV
damage. Omegas-3 and -6 are involved in regulating the inflammatory and immune responses, and studies indicate they influence skin’s response to UV rays on a cellular 
level 5. People who take omega-3 fish oils do  not experience the same immune suppression from the sun compared to those who do not take the supplement. 

A sun protection cocktail
When it comes to sun safety, it is a common misconception that only topical products can provide protection. Incorporating topical and oral treatments including a variety of targeted ingredients into a sun care regime is a comprehensive and clever way to increase protection from the inside out. In combination with SPF, this approach protects skin from UV while supporting its integral functions. Together this tactic can help to
minimise UV-related photo-ageing: helping clients to secure healthy and radiant skin for years to come.


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