There are many contraindication to waxing but there are a few more specific contraindications to take into consideration when carrying out an intimate waxing  service such as STI’s UTI’s , some medications,  menstrution , injury lack of flexibility and piercings which will need to be removed and protected because of the area you are working on , there will be an age limit for this service also and finally clients cant be on retinol  .


aftercare after waxing is so important as your pores are still open for 24 hours after your waxing treatment . During this time you should keep the skin cool , clean and calm .  You should also exfoliate regularly as this will remove any dead skin or product , making sure that when the hair grows back it can do so without growing back .we recommend that clients return every 4-6 weeks because anything less than that the hair might be too short and anything more be too long and the hairs would break . Waxperts wonder pads are great to reduce or prevent ingrown hairs.


Waxperts is the wax we use here in the salon . Waxperts is perfect for even the most sensitive skins and strongest hair types it has a low melting point and is renowned as the most comfortable wax available . There hot peel able wax has a unique secret ingredient that helps maintain its elasticity so it wont crack or break . This makes waxing easier and gives clients a precise , thorough and pain free wax , its unlike any other wax in the world . We adhere to the highest standards of hygiene and a strict NO DOUBLE DIPPING policy.


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