Liquid Platinum

Spotlight on Liquid Platinum

Overnight regeneration treatment :

This product will rejuvenate your skin as you sleep by brightening and refining it . This advanced at home treatment gently dissolves dead skin sells and stimulates collagen production while the low ph delivery system helps to increase the penetration of subsequently applied products .

The multi action also helps to :

  • Lock in moisture by strengthening the skins barrier function
  • reduce the appearance of pigmentation , sun damage , fine lines and wrinkles
  • firm brighten and hydrate the skin

Protect & brighten – larch wood extract

Hydrate and restore – saccharide isomerate + arginne

Prepare and renew – AHA glycolic acid complex


Larch wood extract :

A patent antioxidant and skin and skin lightening active . Larch wood extract protects against DNA damage while decreasing melanin synthesis . This results in a radiant , smooth and even toned complexion .

Saccharide Isomerate :

A nourishing plant derived , skin identical complex that connects perfectly with the skins surface layers , locking moisture in like a magnet . It also strengthens the skins natural defence , preventing further dehydration . Visible results within 3 hours .


An essential amino acid and antioxidant that boosts the skins own natural moisturising factor . Arginine helps to protect the skin from free radical damage and increases skin hydration by acting as an amino acid , boosts collagen production , improving skin firmness and reducing signs of ageing .

AHA (Glycolic acid ) complex :

A unique glycolic acid complex that gently and effectively exfoliates the build up of dead skin cells , enhancing the penetration of subsequently applied products . Formulated to increase cell turnover by up to 21% and promote collagen production to improve skin texture , elasticity and firmness . This overnight treatment is suitable for most skin types due to the slow release delivery system .

Directions for use :

Thoroughly cleanse skin and pat dry . Apply to face , face , neck and decolletage using a cotton pad moistened with the solution . Leave to absorb into the skin , do not rinse . Follow with other skin care serums and moisturizers as prescribed by your skincare professional . Apply -3 times per week or more frequently if tolerated.




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