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LaseMD is indicated for the treatment of 

  • epidermal pigment lesions
  • skin rejuvenation
  • wrinkles and skin texture
  • melasma
  • active acne and large pores

…. on the face , around the eyes and lips , the neck and the low neckline .


How Effective LaseMD:

Dramatically different from traditional resurfacing lasers , Lase MD rebuilds glowing ,healthy skin through gentle but effective non – ablative fractionated treatments . Lase MD offers customized outcomes with no downtime for all patients .


What is Lase-MD ?

The optimized combination of fractional laser and the application of patented ampules concentrated in active ingredients is especially designed to improve skin texture and treat signs of skin ageing , pigment disorders and active acne

At what age can the treatment be done ?

LaseMD is indicated for use in the teenage years . Effective against active acne . LaseMD ultra tightens enlarged pores and improves skin texture . Whether you want to reduce wrinkles , regain  glow , or simply display blemish free baby skin , Lase MD ultra is the one to trust .


How does LaseMD work ?

The LaseMD uses thulum fractional laser energy . Its objective is to cause the formation of reservoirs and micro channels by a gentle vaporization technique , going into the epidermis . These micro channels and reservoirs will ensure a much higher penetration rate of the active ingredient than any   traditional cosmetic


How does a session work ?

First , depending on your indication , a personalized treatment protocol is established with the choice of the cosmeceutical ampoule and its active ingredient . The laser treatment is then  preformed  .  After the ampoule , a cream or mask is applied to soothe and moisturize your skin . A session lasts on average 20 minutes depending on the indication and the area to be treated .


How many sessions are needed ? 

Your doctor will make a diagnosis to determine your treatment protocol , its duration and the number of sessions recommended. The results are visible from the first session .


Choice of a personalized vail :  

vitamin c – an excellent antioxidant , ascorbic acid repairs , brightens and improves the appearance of the skin . It also prevents photo ageing.

vitamin a (retinol ) – exceptional anti-ageing , vitamin A stimulates the production of natural collagen , elastin and hydraulic acid . Wrinkles are smoothed out and acne is reduced .

tranexamic acid – revolutionises  the treatment of melasma by treating hyper-pigmentation and reducing redness and spots

resveratrol – first choice antioxidant to fight against photo-ageing and excess sebum . It contributes to the prevention of skin ageing linked to UV rays .


Some results from LaseMD:

LaseMD 4 avant apres

LaseMD 3 avant apres

LaseMD 2 avant apres

LaseMD 1 (avant apres)

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